ME1014-03 1 Configuring Miva Empresa on Unix The Miva Empresa™ global configuration file provides Miva Empresa with startup
information. Its primary purpose is to set the global operating environment and to
set the location of other files. These instructions, intended for the System
Administrator, include the following topics:
Global Configuration File Location on page 1 Global Configuration Options on page 1 Global Configuration Tags on page 7 Advanced Configuration on page 9 —    Redirection Configuration on page 9
—   <VirtualHost> on page 8
—   Configuring Miva Empresa with Apache suexec on page 9
—   Activity Logging File on page 9
—   Site Variables File on page 10
Global Configuration File Location The Miva Empresa global configuration file is the same name as the Miva
Empresa binary, with .conf appended. If you installed Miva Empresa following the
Miva Empresa Unix Installation Guide, you should find the files located in the
directories identified below:
In server-safe mode, look in the /etc directory, for miva.conf. In standard mode, look in the/cgi-bin, for miva.conf  for example:
Note: If the configuration file is not located in the /private_cgi-bin directory, look in the directory in which the Miva Empresa executable resides. Global Configuration Options The general format for a configuration option is shown below. If the format for a
specific configuration option varies, it is listed under that option.
configuration option=value
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  Configuring Miva Empresa on Unix
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