Introduction About The User’s Guide The User’s Guide is designed to be an easy-to-use aid for CuteHTMl,  however the most up to date information is always
located in CuteHTML’s Help file.  It is organized to take you through installation to advanced trouble shooting.  If you
cannot find solutions in the User’s Guide, CuteHTML’s help file, or on the CuteHTML  web page at, contact GlobalSCAPE’s Technical Support Team at:
Phone: 210-308-8267 8-6 M-F CST
Overview of CuteHTML CuteHTML is a Windows®-based HTML editor with powerful features designed to automate and simplify the process of
creating and editing HTML documents on the Web.  The user-friendly Windows® interface, Tool Bar and help features
make it the useful for both beginners and experts.  When used with CuteFTP™, CuteHTML provides a seamless solution
for creating and maintaining web sites.
CuteHTML’s powerful features include: Spell  Check
Table Wizard
Auto-tag fill , now more powerful than ANY HTML editor on the Internet.
Auto-validation using the code-for-browser settings.  Only codes compatible to browsers selected by the user will show.
Customizable color-coded HTML tags.
Multi-document tabbed interface for easy navigation.
Color and RBG to HEX converter.
Unlimited Undo and Redo commands.
Document weight feature indicating the length of time the document will take to load.
Word Wrap toggle.
Smart Anchor and Image dialogs that remember commonly used data.
Sophisticated word/paragraph Find and Replace.
Dynamic view in browser function.
Highly customizable Javascript support for commonly used scripts.
Handy and customizable Code Snippet that allows you to save and reuse code.
Multiple document/folder file open and drag and drop support.
Customizable default template for new HTML documents.
Line numbering option for better code management.
Shell integration ‘Edit with CuteHTML’ option (now toggles).
Easy to use Bold, Italic, and Font selector for those commonly used tags.
Color fonts for easy document comprehension and layout.
View unsaved changes in browser for fast assessment of proposed changes.
Auto tagging of unsaved documents (unsaved document tabs show with red lettering—prompts to save before closing).
Support for mouse wheels.
Compact executable size, made with serious Webmasters in mind.
Plus the entire set of standard text editor features.
CuteHTML v2.0 User’s Guide             1
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  CuteHTML User's Guide
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