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Manual: Unix-Based Web Hosting

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  • Wusage Status


    What is Wusage?

    Wusage is a statistics system that helps you determine the true impact of your web server. By measuring the popularity of your documents, as well as identifying the sites that access your server most often, Wusage provides valuable marketing information. By determining the paths your users follow and analyzing the sites from which they come, Wusage helps you find out which outside sites are most important to you. Practically all organizations, whether commercial, educational or nonprofit, need solid numbers to make credible claims about the World Wide Web. Wusage fills that need. Features of Wusage: Search Keywords Much of your traffic is driven by Internet "search servers" like Altavista and Lycos. What are you customers looking for? Wusage 7.0 can tell you exactly what search keywords they are using, and which servers drove that traffic to you. Referring Sites No need to wonder where your hits are coming from. Wusage 7.0 shows you exactly which sites are directing traffic to yours! Wusage 7.0 also allows you to "drill down" from an individual document to discover which pages on the World Wide Web link to that document. Visits and Trails Wusage 7.0 can measure "visits" to your site, in addition to simple page counts. You have control over the definition of a visit. Visit counts "smooth out" fluctuations caused by the different software programs used by different users, resulting in a more accurate count of true user sessions. Wusage can also track the most commonly followed "trails" through your site, revealing what your customers are really after and the path they follow to get there. Trails can even begin with pages on other sites! Advanced features allow you to discover how many users came from a particular site and ended up at a particular page. Other features

    • Wusage's incremental database allows you to retire your log files as soon as they are analyzed. Save time and disk space!

    • Wusage can analyze log files from many "mirror site" web servers at the same time.

    • Proxy server logs can be analyzed. Find out where your users are headed!

    • Wusage 7.0 can send reports by email, as well as generating easily printed, attractive HTML reports with full color charts and graphs.

    • When supported by your web server, Wusage's support for "cookies" allows better visit analysis.

    • "Drill down" into subdirectories to get the details.

    • Authenticated user analysis.

    • Supports user agent analysis. Find out what web browser your customers are using!

    • Wusage 7.0 can analyze compressed files.

    • Log files can be analyzed directly by FTP. Downloading log files in advance is not required.

    • Allows you to produce reports with header and footer text suited to your organization.

    • Highly customizable HTML reports allow easy translation to another language. The report macro language of Wusage 7.0 provides dramatically enhanced control over presentation.

    • Reveals which file types, such as GIF, JPEG, HTML and PDF, are being downloaded most often.

    • Provides information about the operating systems preferred by your users. Find out what percentage are using Macintosh, Windows 98, and other operating systems.
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  • How do I view my Visitor Stats?

    "Wusage 7.0" Your Access and Stat Logs One of the directories you will find preinstalled within your www directory is named "wusage". This directory contains the access and stat files for your website. To access your personal wusage directory log onto the Internet with your web browser and go to: http://www.yourdomain.com/wusage. The web page displayed will contain all the statistics for your domain for the previous week. The page will also contain a Weekly Reports link which, when accessed, will provide much more detailed statistics including pie charts and graphs. These reports are automatically updated for you daily and are always stored in the same place for easy comparison.

    What does accesses refer to in Wusage reports?

    An "access" is a single, successful request made by a web browser. Every successful request for any resource on the web server, whether for an image or a document or for another type of information, is regarded as an access.

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  • What do the terms in Wusage refer to?

    Below is a list of key references in wusage and their meaning.
    • agents: An "agent," or user agent, is a web browser or other program used to access your web server. Most user agents are web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but a significant number are automated Internet-indexing programs, such as Altavista.

    • bytes: A "byte" is a single character of information. In the reports generated by Wusage, the "bytes transferred" figure refers to the number of characters of information that were sent to the browser. This is helpful in determining how much of the web server's connection to the Internet (how much bandwidth) is currently in use. It is especially useful to site administrators who pay for bandwidth by the megabyte or gigabyte on a regular basis.

    • trail: A "trail" is a unique path among the documents on the web server, followed by one or more visitors to the web server. Every visit to the web server follows a trail. Commonly followed trails represent useful information about the preferred routes that your visitors follow.

    • visit: A "visit" consists of one or more accesses made by the same visitor, with no more than a certain time interval between accesses.
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  • Where can I find more information about Wusage 7.0?

    Goto the online manual at Boutell.com. Keep in mind because we run Wusage in a shared hosting environment, and you should only be looking at the information pertaining to the Wusage config file for generating reports.

    What are Referrer Logs?

    Referrer logs are extra entries in your access-log file telling you what site your visitor came from. By default referrer logs are not included with most accounts but may be added for a small extra monthly fee. When you add referrer logs we also activate the agent logs for your domain which keeps track of the type of browsers being used to access your web site.

    How do I view Referrer Logs?

    Referrer Logs become part of your main access log if you have added them as an option. When using Wusage they will show up as [referrer] next to each file name listed on the report and are hyper-linked to provide the information.

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