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Manual: Unix-Based Web Hosting

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    The User Admin Program: Controlling user access

    VisitorBook Pro comes shipped with a powerful master administrator program that can handle almost every task needed for each book. However, the trusted sidekick of this program is the user administrator program, simply called "vbadmin.cgi". Through this program, users have access to any setup information they might need to change. Controlling access to this program allows you to designate other people to control a specific book or books.

    Allowing access to the user admin program is simple; it is controlled through the master admin program. To allow access to the program, simply assign the book a password -- either when you create the book or by modifying the book. Setting nothing as the password, or a blank password, will result in the user admin program disallowing that book to be accessed through the user admin program. On the master admin edit screen, this is accomplished by erasing the text "-- modify to change --" and clicking "Submit Changes".

    Note that it is necessary to use the user admin program to access the post-approval mode. If you create a book where posts must be approved, you will need to log in to the user admin program to approve these posts.

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    The User Admin Program: Overview of user abilities

    Should you decide to give other people access to a book or books through the user admin program, they will have a few abilities as described below.

    The user will be free to modify any aspect of the book's layout and function. In glancing at the "Edit VisitorBook" screen, you should be able to see that they have a wide array of tools. These same configuration options are accessible by you through the master admin program.

    Additionally, the user can control posts in the approval section. The user who has access to the book through the user admin program can control what gets seen on the book and what does not. In this manner, the admin can act effectively as a moderator of the book.

    The user may change his or her password by modifying the field on the "Edit VisitorBook" screen. That is, if the text field for password is anything other than "-- edit to change --", the new password will be the contents of the field. (The reason the system uses this method as opposed to simply showing you the existing password is that the password is stored in such a way as to make it practically impossible to determine the password from the encrypted (or hased) value.)

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