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Manual: Unix-Based Web Hosting

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  • Auction Software



    1. URL to access Auction once installed on your domain:

    2. Directory auction data is stored in: /home/auctiondata
      (this directory is NOT accessible from a web browser)

    3. Users must register at your auction site before they are allowed to post items. Once they register they will receive an email immediately giving them their username and password to post items.

    4. Once an item is closed the high bidder and the item owner will receive an email detailing the winning bid information. The item will then be copied to the closed directory so users can still view this item information and the high bidder information.

    5. Emails are sent out when auctions close to the item owner and the high bidder. Emails are also sent out when someone is out bid.

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  • Making New Categories

    Edit line 54 of the script to point to new categories. The directories listed will be automatically created by the script. Each category should be listed like this:

    dir ==> 'category name',

    So if you wanted to add a category called SHOES to your auction you would add this to the code

    shoes ==> 'Shoes',

    If you wanted to add more directories, you would just add them each under the previous one so they would be formatted like this:

    shoes ==> 'Shoes',
    computer => 'Computer Hardware and Software',
    elec => 'Consumer Electronics',

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  • Deleting Entries From The Auction

    Only the auction administrator (you) can remove posted items from the auction. You can remove these any time before the auction closes by going to the following url:


    The easiest way to remove an item is to go to the item in the auction that you want to delete and append


    to the end of the url in your browser.

    Note:[adminpass] by default is set to the main username of your domain. For example, if your domain was bob.com the adminpass would be bob so you would just go to the item you want to delete and type


    after it in your URL box of your web brower, then hit to delete it

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  • Turing Off The Ability For Your Users To Post Items

    Set the following field : $newokay=0 (or leave it undefined) and the link to post a new item will not be visible. By default, this is turned on and any registered user can post items to your auction. If this is turned off only the auction administrator (you) can post items. Use the following url to post:


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  • Changing the Auction Site Name

    By default when someone visits your auction they will see

    "yourdomain.com Online Auction"

    You can change this by editing the following field: $sitename = 'domain.com';
    So if you want to call your auction: Troys Toy Auction. Change this to read

    $sitename = 'Troys Toy Auction';

    And then on every page of your site you will see this header automatically placed in the upper left hand corner.

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