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Manual: Unix-Based Web Hosting

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    Setting up Your Own "404:File Not Found" Error Page

    A file already exists in the www directory of your server. It's called missing.html. You can edit it to your liking, or create your own. As long as it's called missing.html and it's in your root www directory, the server will display it whenever someone tries to access a page on your domain that does not exist.

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  • Password Protected Web Directory

    There is already a password protected web directory called "secure" on your server. You must add usernames and passwords to it to allow your visitors to access any files you put in the "secure" directory.

    Simply goto yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/plusmail to add usernames and passwords to ANY directory you want. That user and all users you've defined in your .htpasswd file by default will have access to the directory of your site accessible from a web browser by typing the URL as: http://www.yourdomain.com/secure/

    To remove a user from your password file (i.e., to remove the access of that person to your protected directories), simply edit the .htpasswd file located in your home directory. In this file, you'll see usernames followed by a colon (:) and a password string. The string is the password you entered in your control panel encoded in a way to protect the access rights. To remove the privileges of a user, erase the line containing his/her username. Be sure to keep the file in plain ASCII, and not to change ANYTHING else.

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