Dedicated Servers

Unix Servers: Pre-Installed CGI-Scripts

1. Visitor Guestbook
Lets your customers and visitors enter their information and comments into a pre-configured database.

2. WWW Bulletin Board
Lets visitors post comments and questions and allows other users to reply to those sames questions, keeping all messages threaded and organized.

3. Visitor Links
Lets your visitors enter their favorite URLs into a pre-configured database.

4. Site Database and Search Engine
Simple whole site search engine.

5. Full Site Counter with Real Time Stats
Easily added to pages. We provide cut-n-paste HTML code. Just copy it to your web pages!

6. CGI Email
Fully configurable. Sends forms via email templates. We provide sample order forms in all domains.

7. Formmail .cgi
Allows any form to be sent by mail or written to a database.

8. Random Text Displayer
Allows a rotation of simple sayings or quotes, uses SSI.

9. Imagemap
For clickable image redirection.

10. Click-n-Go
Pag e redirection via query list.

11. ServerCheck
Lets you determine how your virutal server is setup and gives you answers to common questions about server configuration.

12. MonsterMail
Lets you manage, compose and organize your email accounts through a web browser

13. Visitor Book Pro
Lets you set up as many individual guestbooks as you want! The Master Admin Program lets you (the administrator) easily add, modify, or delete VisitorBooks from your system.

14. Let's Take An Order Shopping Suite
Add complete ecommerce capability to your website with this full featured and powerful ecommerce solution. With this package you can set up ALL your store options and ecommerce entirely online!

15. Banner Wheel Industrial
Complete web-based suite enabling you to operate millions of banners rotating on different pages of your site.

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