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Dedicated Servers

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    DYNTEX stands behind every dedicated server we lease. We keep inventory on hand for every machine we build including completely built "hot-swap" machines in case of a complete system failure.

    As new hardware and software come available DYNTEX will upgrade your dedicated server for free to offer you the latest, most reliable hardware in the industry.

    We will replace any of the following parts should they break at any time during your dedicated server lease.

    The following system components will be replaced free of charge anytime during your dedicated server lease:

    • Free parts, labor and installation
    • Ethernet Adapters / Network Cards
    • Case / System Enclosure
    • Video Card
    • Sound Card
    • Floppy Drive
    • IDE / SCSI Hard Disk Drives
    • Surge Protector
    • CPU
    • RAM Modules
    • Motherboard
    • Device Controllers / Adapters (floppy / hard disk controllers)
    • CD ROM Drive
    • UPS Device
    • Any Cable (Network / Power etc.)
    • 300W Power Supply
    • CPU Fans / Cooling Device


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